"Experience makes all the difference when you want to produce the very best wines. And Richard has it in spades!"

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Grapes almost ready

Vintage is Richard's favourite time of the year. "I get very excited as harvest approaches".  Most winemakers will tell you work's not work when you love what you are doing. And, there's no better time than vintage. For a few weeks of the year,

Richard closes the door to the public and puts up a sign 'gone fishing'. "It's crucial that we crush at the right time. We determine when we want to pick taking into consideration the grape variety and the style of wine we want to achieve, however, nature tells us exactly when we have to pick. We need to be ready".

Wine in the barrel

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Vintage is exciting but can be demanding and after a grueling vintage it then becomes more about monitoring, adjusting and storing the wine. "I love a clean environment in my winemaking, I always have. Those that know me will know my stance against seasoned barrels for storing wine. I like newer oak barrels and if I can't use those then I prefer stainless steel tanks. If needed I'll use the wood staves or wood chips"

"Bottling is a fun time. Over the years we've had a laugh or two , however, I know it's always a serious time and I remind the troops the we're there to fill the bottles not empty them".

A Beautiful Setting

The beautiful environment.
Richard and Maria searched everywhere for the perfect vineyard. Richard's fascination for the Yarra Valley was evident but he wanted more than just that. "I remember my first appreciation for a good wine. I had all ready been brought up on a vineyard for over 10 years but it was at Roseworthy College whilst studying winemaking that a fascinating a man, a wine buff to say the least, masked a bottle of Pinot Noir from the Diamond Valley. I'll never forget that wine or the thought of The Diamond Valley".

The vineyard that Richard and Maria purchased was not only in the Yarra Valley GI, but also the in the Diamond Valley.

"It was way out of our reach but the firm belief I had in Richard's passion and our vision made me confident we'd made the right decision". Maria Stockman

Our Yarra Valley Vineyard is set on 8 acres in Diamond Creek. It has all the qualities to produce wine of the highest standard as well as a setting that will take your breath away.